Yani Yancey

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Librarian, Office of Communications and Public Liaison, National Library of Medicine


Bethesda, MD
I am a connector of dots and of people. I am a sleuth, an organizer, and a resource creator and remix artist. Microsoft's slogan used to be "where do you want to go today," mine is "what do you want to know today". That's because I am an information professional, also known as, librarian. Specifically I am a health sciences librarian at the National Library of Medicine. I help physicians find evidence-based methods for diagnosing and treating their patients. I teach communities how to locate reliable health information in their own homes. I work with community groups to help create solutions for reducing health disparities. I take content from different sources and put it all together into something that people can use. I think my job is the best job in the world and I'd love to talk to you about it more.
Went to library school at University of Maryland - College Park
What I'm Reading: 
I am in the midst of a research project for a certificate of advanced study program, so mostly I am reading survey data these days. However, I like to say current by reading Wired, The Atlantic, and New York Times.