Melanee Vicedo

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Social Work Librarian at University of Southern California


Los Angeles, CA
I love being part of someone’s education. It can be helping a student find the number of children who are in foster care in California or assisting a professor find how much the federal government spends on a particular social program. I look forward to teaching someone how to find the information they need or assist them in finding a book in the library because it means progress and transformation. It means they’ll use what they’ve learned to learn more things. Knowledge produces knowledge and I love being part of this process. I’m a librarian at the University of Southern California. I work a lot with the School of Social Work’s students and faculty. I also work with the larger university community with their information needs. I provide research assistance in person, individually or I guest lecture in classes. I also meet with students using video conferencing. I’m excited about what I do. Email me and we can chat about becoming a librarian and becoming part of someone’s education.
Went to library school at University of California - Los Angeles
What I'm Reading: 
Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin (always looking to reflect and asses where I am in the world); World War Z by Max Brooks (zombie apocalypse is coming!), The Zahir by Paulo Coelho (a book from a special person and I love me some Coelho)