Leo Lo

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Research & Development Librarian/Assistant Professor, Kansas State University Libraries
I recruit bright people to become librarians because it's a profession that will let you shine. I really enjoy meeting people who have never contemplated this choice of profession because then I can tell them one of the best kept secrets - librarianship is one of the best careers in America. Even US News & Report says so. The great thing about it is, whatever you’re interested in or good at, there is likely to be a librarian job that’s just right for you. I have an M.F.A. in screenwriting, so I like to be creative and I like to do projects. And my job is exactly that - to come up with new ideas for all kinds of projects for my library. I’m the Research & Development Librarian and a professor at Kansas State University Libraries. If you’re interested in knowing more, I’d be happy to share the script of how I came into this profession.
Went to library school at Florida State University
What I'm Reading: 
Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game by Michael Lewis.