Emily Chan

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Academic Liaison Librarian, Martin Luther King, Jr. Library San Jose State University


San Jose, CA
I'm Emily Chan, and I am a librarian and faculty member at San Jose State University. Have you ever wondered how health professionals and researchers make good decisions? Well, librarians play a huge role in that! We help people find information related to their areas of study and research. I teach people how to use specialized resources in Nutrition, Food Science, and Packaging, Chemistry, Chemical and Materials Engineering, Biological Sciences, and Science Education. Basically, I help them find the information that will lead them to become information-literate, analytical, and critical thinkers. Librarianship is a wonderfully rewarding and flexible profession, and if you think you'd like to contribute to improving literacy and education, let me know. Librarianship would benefit from your perspective!
Went to library school at San José State University
What I'm Reading: 
Lots of magazines! Currently, I'm studying a handyman magazine to see how I can organize my garage.