Daisy G. Ngo

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Reference Librarian, Houston Community College


Pasadena, TX
I am a ______ of the information universe we are a part of. My everyday is exciting,as I help people (students, faculty, and staff)navigate technology to connect with information and services needed for success. It doesn't come easy, but I have people skills and modern tools at my disposition. My accidental career began in college and has flourished since with the generous help of many organizations and mentors. As a child I grew up roaming the libraries in my neighborhood, as a teen I hung out in the library because they had dial-up internet. In college I took a library job to stay on campus and make a few dollars for study abroad. Time passes and like many of my Kalamazoo College colleagues I decide to persue graduate school (University of North Texas). Little did I know that my first "real world" job would grant me the means to earn a Masters in Library Science without paying a dime! The life of a Librarian is the life for me. I don't have a frumpy wardrobe, huge glasses, a shhhhhh-ing mentality, or read books all day. I do however have a pretty impressive collection of cardigans, electronic gadets, travel stories, DIY projects,interests,degrees, friends, and familia. Ah, yes the important recent happenings... I'm a newly wed and am taking suggestions for honeymoon destinations!
Went to library school at University of North Texas
What I'm Reading: 
I'm re-re-reading "The Hunger Games" and attempting to read I/O Psychology textbooks for class. :)