Connie Chow

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Eleanor E. Murphy Library Branch Manager, Huntsville-Madison County Public Library


Huntsville, AL
I'm a librarian at the Huntsville-Public Library. I manage a neighborhood library, order materials for the collection, assist patrons with questions, teach computer classes, and oversee library programs for the public. Libraries are not only about books. If you enjoy a variety in your day, you'll love working in a library. You connect people with the resources they need, whether it is a movie they want to see, a job application they need help filling out, or a school assignment they need help on. In addition to books, we offer great materials and services like e-books, video games, free wireless internet, downloadable music, and different classes like yoga, tai chi, and computer courses. Libraries need people from all sorts of backgrounds and interests to provide new and innovative ways to help their community. If you'd like to talk more about becoming a librarian, you can email, and if you're ever in southwest Huntsville near Charlotte Drive, drop by the Eleanor Murphy Library, I'll give you a tour and we can talk some more.
Went to library school at University of Alabama
What I'm Reading: 
Age of Miracles by Karen Walker