Upcoming 2016 Scholarship Deadlines for LIS graduate students

Thursday, March 3, 2016 - 9:48am

ALA’s Office for Diversity, Literacy, and Outreach Services would like to make you aware of a wide range of funding opportunities for a master’s degree in library and information science and upcoming deadlines. 

Upcoming 2016 Scholarship Deadlines for Library and Information Science Graduate Students: 

•             Virginia Library Association Scholarships for VA residents/employees – Due March 4: http://www.vla.org/2016-vla-scholarship-application-forms

•             CALA Scholarships for Chinese American students – Due March 6: http://www.cala-web.org/CALA_scholarships

•             Hawaii Library Association Scholarship for a UH-Mānoa LIS student – Due March 11: http://hawaiilibraryassociation.weebly.com/scholarships.html

•             REFORMA National Scholarship for students with an interest in public & academic librarianship - Due March 15: http://www.reforma.org/content.asp?pl=7&sl=47&contentid=47

•             REFORMA Rose Treviño Memorial Scholarship for students with an interest in Children's & School librarianship - Due March 15: http://www.reforma.org/content.asp?pl=7&sl=46&contentid=46

•             REFORMA Los Angeles Scholarships two scholarships for LA county students  - Due March 18: http://www.reforma.org/content.asp?pl=7&sl=46&contentid=46

•             California Library Association Scholarship for Minority Students in Memory of Edna Yelland, Due March 18: http://www.cla-net.org/?page=110

•             California Library Association Reference Service Press Fellowship for students preparing for reference/information service librarianship – Due March 18: http://www.cla-net.org/?page=111

•             California Library Association Begun Scholarship for children's or young adult librarians in a California public library – Due March 18: http://www.cla-net.org/?page=112

•             Connecticut Library Association Scholarships for CLA member and a CT resident/employee in a CT library – Due March 18: http://ctlibraryassociation.org/content.php?page=Scholarships

•             American Association of Law Libraries Scholarships for aspiring law librarians – Due April 1: http://www.aallnet.org/mm/Member-Resources/scholarships

•             Lillian Marrero Scholarship Award for members of REFORMA Northeast Chapter – Due April 1: http://www.reformanortheast.org/lillian-marrero-scholarship.html

•             Asian Pacific American Librarians Association Scholarship for students from a Asian or Pacific Islander background – Due April 4: http://www.apalaweb.org/awards/apala-scholarship/

•             ARL/Society of American Archivists (SAA) Mosaic Program for aspiring archivists – Due April 6: http://www.arl.org/leadership-recruitment/diversity-recruitment/arl-saa-mosaic-scholarship-program

•             ARL Initiative to Recruit a Diverse Workforce for aspiring research librarians – Call for Applications will be posted in April: http://www.arl.org/leadership-recruitment/diversity-recruitment/initiative-to-recruit-a-diverse-workforce-irdw#.VtCrzvkrKM8

•             Nebraska Library Association Louise A. Nixon Scholarship  for Nebraska residents, employees or members of NLA – Due April 15: https://nebraskalibraries.site-ym.com/?nixon2016

•             AILA Virginia Mathews Memorial Scholarship for American Indian students – Due May 1: http://ailanet.org/awards/scholarships/

•             New Mexico Library Association Marion Dorroh Memorial Scholarship – Due May 1: http://nmla.org/scholarships-grants/

•             Pennsylvania Library Association MLS Scholarships for PaLA members – Due May 15: http://www.palibraries.org/?page=Aid

•             South Dakota Library Association for SDLA members – Due May 15: http://www.sdlibraryassociation.org/?page=A5

•             Georgia Library Association Scholarships for students who agree to work in GA for one year post-degree – Due May 21: http://gla.georgialibraries.org/scholarship.htm

•             NYLA Youth Services Section Ann Gibson Scholarship for student pursuing New York State certification as a youth specialist – Due May 27: https://www.nyla.org/max/4DCGI/cms/review.html?Action=CMS_Document&DocID=308&MenuKey=yss

•             Ada Leigh Soles Memorial Professional Librarian and Archivist Incentive Program for Delaware residents – Due June 1:  http://www.doe.k12.de.us/Page/1948

•             Alabama Library Association  Scholarships for Alabama residents – Due June 1: http://allanet.site-ym.com/?36

•             Indiana Library Federation Scholarships for Indiana residents – Due June 30: https://ilfonline.site-ym.com/?page=scholarships

•             Rita Torres / Bibliotecas Para La Gente Scholarship for library service to Spanish-speaking and Latino communities – Due September 15: http://www.bibliotecasparalagente.org/pages/scholarships.html

•             New York Library Association NYLA-Dewey Scholarship for students in NY degree programs – Due September 30: https://www.nyla.org/max/4DCGI/cms/review.html?Action=CMS_Document&DocID=36&MenuKey=career


Additional Scholarship Opportunities without currently posted deadlines/applications:

•             Iowa Library Association Foundation scholarships for Iowa students – Due September 11: http://www.iowalibraryassociation.org/index.php/foundation

•             Mississippi Library Association Black Caucus Roundtable Virgia Brocks-Shedd Scholarship for minority students – previously due September 30: http://www.misslib.org/page-1859466

•             Delaware Library Association Scholarships for Delaware students – Due November 1: http://dla.lib.de.us/scholarships/

•             Florida Library Association Scholarships for FL students – Due November: http://www.flalib.org/scholarships.php

•             Medical Library Association Scholarships for aspiring  health sciences librarians – Due December 1: http://www.mlanet.org/p/cm/ld/fid=47

•             BCALA EJ Josey Scholarship for African American students – Due December: http://bcala.org/2149-2/

•             Tennessee Library Association Edwin S. Gleaves Scholarship for TLA members – Due December: http://www.tnla.org/?445

•             Alaska Library Association Scholarships – Due January 15: http://akla.org/scholarships/

•             Texas Library Association Scholarships for TX residents – Due January 30: http://www.txla.org/scholarships

•             College and University Libraries Division (CULD) of the Texas Library Association for TX students pursuing academic librarianship – Due January 30: http://www.txla.org/groups/culd-schol

•             Oklahoma Library Association Scholarships – Due February 15: http://www.oklibs.org/?page=01Scholarships

•             DC Library Association Ruth Fine Memorial Student Loan for DCLA members – previously due April: http://www.dcla.org/page-1723277

•             New Hampshire Library Association Graduate Education Loan and Scholarship for NHLA members – previously due April 1: http://nhlibrarians.org/education/gradstudy/

•             Idaho Library Association Scholarships for ILA members – previously due May: http://idaholibraries.org/about-us/officersdivisionscommittees/professional-recognition-awards-and-educational-scholarships/

•             Mississippi Library Association Peggy May Scholarship for University of Southern Mississippi student – previously due May 1: http://www.misslib.org/page-1859463

•             Nevada Library Association James S. McPhee Memorial Scholarships for NLA members – previously due May 1: http://www.nevadalibraries.org/resources/scholarships_McPhee.html

•             Richland Library Foundation established the Ethel Bolden Minority Scholarship for SC residents – previously May 15: http://www.richlandlibrary.com/ethel-bolden-minority-scholarship

•             Washington Library Media Association Scholarships for WA residents who are aspiring teacher librarians – previously May 15: http://www.wla.org/wlma-scholarships

•             North Carolina Library Association Scholarships for NC residents – previously due May 30: http://www.nclaonline.org/professional-development/scholarship-loans

•             Arizona Library Association Louise A. Stephens Memorial Scholarship – previously Spring Deadline: http://www.azla.org/?page=stephensscholarship

•             Southeastern Library Association Ginny Frankenthaler Memorial Scholarship for students planning to work in the Southeast – previously due June 1: http://www.selaonline.org/sela/awards/10scholarship.html

•             Wisconsin Library Association Scholarships for students at UW-Madison or UW-Milwaukee – previously due June 15: http://wla.wisconsinlibraries.org/awards-scholarships/scholarships/scholarships-grants

•             Kentucky Library Association (KLA) Linda Kompanik Memorial Scholarship for KY students – previously due July 1: http://www.klaonline.org/scholarships965.cfm

•             Missouri Library Association Ronald G. Bohley Scholarship for MO students/employees – previously due July 1: http://molib.org/awards/scholarships/

•             Montana Library Association Cates Scholarship –previously due July : http://mtlib.org/Handbook/Cates_Scholarship/default.asp

•             West Virginia Library Association Scholarship for WVLA members – previously due July 31: http://wvla.org/content.php?page=West_Virginia_Library_Association_Scholarship

•             Arkansas Library Association Scholarship for school library media – previously due August 1: http://arlib.org/scholarships/ArLA_SLMS_Scholarship_Application.doc

•             Washington Library Association Maryan E. Reynolds Scholarship for WLA members – previously due August 15: http://www.wla.org/graduatescholarships

•             Kansas Library Association Educational Foundation Scholarship for students planning careers in KS- deadline not posted: http://kslibassoc.org/home/foundation/scholarships/

•             Louisiana Library Association Scholarships for LSU students – deadline not posted: http://llaonline.org/LLA/Awards___Scholarships/Scholarships/LLA/Awards___Scholarships/Scholarships.aspx


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