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Associate Professor, Multicultural Studies Librarian, Coordinator of User Experience - University of Nebraska-Lincoln
I'm currently an academic librarian but have worked in public and special libraries. Each experience was different and helped me find what type I prefer to work in. I'm an accidental librarian, it wasn't on my radar until someone suggested it. Librarianship is the most flexible and diverse profession you'll never hear about. There is something for everyone.
Homer Glen, Illinois
Adult Services Director, Homer Township Public Library
I’m the Adult Services Director at the Homer Township Public Library in Homer Glen, IL. I’m currently in a management position but I make sure to take time to connect with our patron community. I help patrons of all ages find answers to their questions, some questions are really interesting! I love learning something new every day.
Washington, District Of Columbia
Archivist, National Archives and Records Administration
I'm an archivist at the National Archives for the Presidential Materials Divison. I help researchers gain access to records that were used/created during the administration of former Presidents Reagan, Bush Sr., and Clinton. Working with records of the Presidents is quite awesome because it gives you a behind-the-scenes look at their time in office.
Health Sciences Library Director
Information is a prescription for health--and as a medical librarian I assist physicians, nurses, and other caregivers to create a healing environment. I am the director of a large hospital library in Brooklyn, NY, where every day I improve patient care by delivering the latest and best health information to my clients.
Champaign, Illinois
LIS Career Specialist, University of Illinois - Graduate School of Library and Information Science
My name is Roy Brooks and I am a LIS Career Specialist at the University of Illinois Graduate School of Library and Information Science. I help both current and prospective students explore career options in the field of library and information science and in identifying pathways to those careers.
December 2014 MSLS graduate, Archives and Records Management at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
As an archivist, my primary goal is to preserve the past and make it accessible to researchers. What I love most about my job is the opportunity to make collections come to life through outreach and public programming. I also love working directly with donors throughout the accessioning process.
Redlands, California
Reference Librarian, University of California, Riverside
I'm an academic librarian in SoCal. I am fascinated by the disruptive possibilities technologies are generating in libraries, society, and higher education. I am also very proud to claim the label "Social Justice Warrior." Among my research interests are race and ethnic identity formation, disability studies, and Filipin@s in the global diaspora.
San Jose, California
Academic Liaison Librarian, Martin Luther King, Jr. Library San Jose State University
I'm Emily Chan, and I am a librarian and faculty member at San Jose State University. Have you ever wondered how health professionals and researchers make good decisions? Well, librarians play a huge role in that! We help people find information related to their areas of study and research.
Huntsville, Alabama
Eleanor E. Murphy Library Branch Manager, Huntsville-Madison County Public Library
I'm a librarian at the Huntsville-Public Library. I manage a neighborhood library, order materials for the collection, assist patrons with questions, teach computer classes, and oversee library programs for the public. Libraries are not only about books. If you enjoy a variety in your day, you'll love working in a library.
Portland, Oregon
Information Management Consultant
Ten years of progressively responsible experience designing, developing, delivering and evaluating information products and services in public and academic libraries as well as with businesses serving libraries and also with an international media development organization.
Chicago, Illinois
Resident Librarian at University of Illinois at Chicago
My story began at the local public library when I got my very first real job. After two years at the public library, I worked at a rare books store during my undergraduate years at the University of Illinois at Chicago.
Chicago, Illinois
eLearning Consultant
I specialize in instructional design and online education. I've worked in higher education as a professor, program manager, archivist, and learning management system administrator. I'd love to talk to you about designing curriculum, conducting user experience research, and teaching. My passion is the intersection of technology and education with a focus on the user experience.
Tillamook, Oregon
Reference & Cataloging Librarian, Tillamook County Library
As a librarian in a small public library I have a job that requires flexibility but also allows me to be creative. I act as a reference, cataloging, and teen services librarian and I also purchase non-fiction books.
San Francisco, California
Teen Services Librarian, San Francisco Public Library
I'm a teen services and reference librarian. I am quick with catalogs and online information, so I can answer almost anyone's question, but I do focus my energy on teenagers who come into the library. No, that's not scary. Teens are great when they know that someone has high expectations of them, and someone who will listen.
Digital Content Strategist/Head, ScholarSphere User Services
I am Digital Content Strategist and Head, ScholarSphere User Services, at the Penn State University Libraries. My work is largely about making digital content and data discoverable, accessible, and usable over time, for as long as these materials are useful – toward the related goals of repurposing them and adding value to the Libraries’ collections and data sets.
Charlotte, North Carolina
Digital Scholarship Librarian
I am the Digital Scholarship Librarian at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. I coordinates digital scholarship projects and publications, including e-journals, virtual exhibits, and research-related media projects. I also manage the Usability Lab.
Columbus, Ohio
Instructional Design Librarian
I'm an instructional design librarian in an academic library as well as a digital storytelling facilitator. Working in this position has allowed me to use my imagination to solve instructional problems or create new ways of engaging undergraduates in information literacy. I also love helping others uncover and communicate their stories for reflection, learning, and personal development.
Shoreview, Minnesota
Children's Librarian, Ramsey County Library
I am a children’s librarian for the Ramsey County library. I work primarily with youth ages birth to 18. I am responsible for literacy programming such as weekly storytimes, summer reading program, youth book clubs, and various other fun activities. I am also responsible for purchasing juvenile and young adult library materials for my branch.
Newark, Delaware
Assistant Librarian, Student Multimedia Design Center at the University of Delaware Library
People are using digital media more and more to communicate their ideas, and professors are starting to assign more multimedia based projects in their classes.
Research & Development Librarian/Assistant Professor, Kansas State University Libraries
I recruit bright people to become librarians because it's a profession that will let you shine. I really enjoy meeting people who have never contemplated this choice of profession because then I can tell them one of the best kept secrets - librarianship is one of the best careers in America. Even US News & Report says so.
Houston, Texas
Information Literacy Coordinator Librarian, W.I Dykes Library University of Houston Downtown
My name is Jovanni Lota; I am a Information Literacy Coordinator Librarian at the University of Houston downtown. Wait, did I just see a smirk? Yes, that’s right, I said LIBRARIAN; but no, I don’t spend the majority of my day reading; I don’t ssshhhhh people often; I don't wear my hair in a bun; I don't wear glasses; I do however love cardigans, especially the oatmeal colored ones.
Technical Librarian
I currently work as a lead technical librarian for a large defense company, which has been quite a change from my previous positions in academic, public, and school libraries. I work within the engineering department and love that I learn something new every day!
East Lansing, Michigan
User Experience Librarian
I'm a User Experience Librarian at Michigan State University. At the heart of user experience work is the idea that services, resources, and programs should be designed with the user in mind. This means gathering data and information to better understand what our patrons need and want in an academic library - not just what we think they want!
Los Angeles, California
Reference and Instruction Librarian, Loyola Marymount University
Hi! I'm a Reference and Instruction Librarian at Loyola Marymount University, in Los Angeles. I'm the library's liaison to the School of Education, which means I do library instruction for Education undergrads, graduate students and doctoral candidates.
Brooklyn, New York
Senior Youth Services Librarian
I can do anything! There is no such thing as a typical day at work a public library. I am a teacher, a researcher, a grant-writer, a program manager, an evaluator, workforce development coordinator, financial literacy instructor, a supervisor, a mentor, a community activist, and a youth advocate. I AM A LIBRARIAN!
Cincinnati, Ohio
Reference/Technology Librarian at the University of Cincinnati, Blue Ash College Library
At Blue Ash College Library, I work primarily with 1st and 2nd year students. I help them find resources they need for their studies and research along with any related info they may need about our university and branch campus. I'm a connector: connecting people to information. Sometimes it's a book or magazine, other times, it's a website, social network, video or event.
My professional interests and passions focus on the cultures of education, technology literacy, and technology planning & implementation in libraries and other learning environments. As a professional, my titles include Assistant Librarian, Instructor, Teaching Assistant and Business Analyst.
San Diego, California
Librarian for Sociology, Ethnic Studies and Gender Studies at UC San Diego
At the University of California, San Diego, many of the academic departments we serve are incredibly interdisciplinary. It is exciting to locate research and scholarship that span many areas of study, and to work with colleagues who value teamwork and are experts in their field.
Brooklyn, New York
PhD Student
I am a PhD student & Spectrum Fellow at Rutgers School of Communication and Information. Previously, I was Classification Manager (Taxonomist) at I also hold a MLIS from Rutgers University and a M.A. from NYU's Institute of French Studies. My research focuses on health information behavior and language barriers.
Syracuse, New York
Education Consultant
Born and raised in Buffalo NY, after college I worked in bookstores and then market research. A friend suggested librarianship, awesome! I went to Gaylord Brothers automation division GIS soon to become Polaris Library Systems, stayed 14 years now at GALE! Loving it! I guess my career is what would be called non-traditional but if your selling for the right company it.
Kelowna, British Columbia
Learning Services Librarian, Southern Medical Program & Biology Liaison at The University of British Columbia
If you'd like to enter a profession that is flexible enough to meet all of your diverse interests then look no further! The evolving field of librarianship has enabled me to continuously learn and grow in a variety of ways.
Pasadena, Texas
Reference Librarian, Houston Community College
I am a ______ of the information universe we are a part of. My everyday is exciting,as I help people (students, faculty, and staff)navigate technology to connect with information and services needed for success. It doesn't come easy, but I have people skills and modern tools at my disposition.
Carrollton, Georgia
Head of Special Collections
Special Collections leader. Reader. Farm hand.
Academic Librarian
Raymond Pun is a librarian who has worked in public, academic and special libraries. He has published widely and presented extensively in various topics of librarianship in national and international conferences such as ALA, SLA and IFLA.
Valparaiso, Indiana
Library Fellow and Lecturer
I started my library career as a stack maintenance student assistant, while attending Southern Methodist University. Since then, I've engaged with projects focused on digitization, digital preservation, metadata creation and information literacy at Ohio University, the Library of Congress, University of Michigan, and Valparaiso University.
Atlanta , Georgia
College Archivist at Spelman College
I’m an archivist. In a nutshell, archivists work to provide access and manage use of historical documents and materials in various settings, such as a library or museum. I'm thrilled to say I am the College Archivist at Spelman College - one of the most well known historically black colleges that have served young women since it's founding in 1881.
Washington, District Of Columbia
Librarian - Federal Judicial Center
Hello! I am the Federal Judicial Center's one and only librarian. Located in Washington DC, the FJC is the research and education agency of the U.S. Courts. We provide training for judges and court staff. We also conduct research on judicial administration. Additionally, we work with international visitors who wish to research the U.S. judicial system.
South Bend, Indiana
I finally found what I was meant to do – be a librarian. I graduated with my MILS last May and am very excited to be joining the profession. I have been lucky enough to meet professionals from different organizations who have been supportive and continually provide valuable advice. As a librarian in an academic environment, I can help users in a way that I could not in my previous career path.
Reference and Instruction Librarian, Missouri State University
I am a reference and instruction librarian at Missouri State University. I help students and faculty learn about the resources to help them with their assignments and research. My main goal is to teach students how to become lifelong learners. I teach library instruction sessions to a variety of classes from psychology to theatre.
Batesville, Arkansas
Director, Ozark Foothills Literacy Project
Studying librarianship led me to the nonprofit world, where I serve as the director of the Ozark Foothills Literacy Project. Being the director of a nonprofit allows me a great deal of flexibility and diversity in my daily routine. Our organization teaches adults who are learning to read and adults who are learning English.
Seattle, Washington
Student at the University of Washington
I am currently Masters of Library and Information Science student at the University of Washington in Seattle. Prior to library school I worked as a teacher of students with special needs in Austin, Texas for nine years. I have an undergraduate degree in special education/elementary education from the University of New Mexico where I grew up on the Navajo Reservation.
Long Beach, California
Long Beach Public Library, Youth Services Officer
I am currently serving as the Youth Services Officer at the Long Beach Public Library, in a typical week I am participating in 2-3 programs including: preschool storytime, book clubs, and outreach fairs, school visits, parent workshops, and serving on city and statewide literacy committees.
Los Angeles, California
Social Work Librarian at University of Southern California
I love being part of someone’s education. It can be helping a student find the number of children who are in foster care in California or assisting a professor find how much the federal government spends on a particular social program.
Lexington, Kentucky
Learning Lab Manager at the University of Kentucky
Currently working as the Learning Lab Manager at the University of Kentucky, overseeing undergraduate students in an archives internship that includes producing scholarly work. As a former journalist, I enjoy focusing on information literacy through born-digital and analog pathways.
Bethesda, Maryland
Librarian, Office of Communications and Public Liaison, National Library of Medicine
I am a connector of dots and of people. I am a sleuth, an organizer, and a resource creator and remix artist. Microsoft's slogan used to be "where do you want to go today," mine is "what do you want to know today". That's because I am an information professional, also known as, librarian.